„Madalen it is a name for fairies”, it is sung in one song. According to this was given a name of folk and country band form Czech Republic.


Members of the group are:


Jana Gieselová               Female vocalist

Věra Štaiglová                Female vocalist

Katka Vepřková             Female vocalist

Blanka Adamcová          Female vocalist, violin

Honza Adamec              guitar, vocalist

Honza Dobiáš                double-bass, vocalist

Honza Štaigl                   mandoline, guitar, vocalist










This band is well-known for specific female vocalism refilled by acoustic instruments. They play mostly songs form own production, but sometimes they assume music from repertoire by Alison Krauss, Nickel Creek, Clarye Lynch etc.


The best achievement in last 15 years of being was double first place on best known national folk event “Porta” (1995, 1996) and another professional and spectator assessments on other Czech festivals and contests.


In 1998 Madalen published their portfolio album and then they appeared in some programs on Czech television. After periods of changes, due to maternity of female part of the band, now Madalen is back on stages in full formation not only in Czech Republic but in abroad as well.


Honza Štaigl

Stanislavova 13,   789 85 Mohelnice – CZ,  

Tel: +420 605 206 047